"Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created. It is a major force in explaining man to man." -Edward Steichen


I see photography as the place where the scientific and the beautiful converge. I am interested in appearances and perception, the notion of experience and the act of re-experiencing. The intrigue of photography lies in its ability to let us experience something artificially. As an image-maker I ponder the role of photographs and the very act of viewing these images.  My earliest and most ardent inclinations toward photography were in its semiotic effects versus other forms of representation. I find emotion more resonant when represented in a photograph rather than in a painting. Though I do not see photography possessing absolute truth, I am remain attracted to the efficacy with which it can convey a sense of realism and perceived authenticity.



All images were shot on color film using a 4x5 view camera or a Mamiya RB67.  Prints are made both in a conventional darkroom or from film scans as digital C-Prints. Both processes are on the same photographic paper, Fuji Color Crystal Archive. Images that are scanned and printed digitally are only adjusted for color and tonal corrections, there is no manipulation of the image. The digital C-Prints are printed directly from my file by a professional Lightjet printer using the Crystal Archive Paper. All prints are matte.

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Ryan Fowler was born in Bowling Green, Ohio in 1980 and grew up in Perrysburg, Ohio.  For the past two years he lived in Providence, Rhode Island while attending the Rhode Island School of Design pursuing an MFA in photography.  Currently, he resides in Vermont.